Introduction to statistics and computational biology in R

1. Download R

R is an interactive open source scripting language that is widely used in bioinformatics. You can download it here:

Click to download R

RStudio is a desktop version with added features. This version is for those who are more familiar with graphical interfaces.

Click to download RStudio

2. Get started with R

If you've never used R before, we recommended that you try out a few interactive tutorials to familiarize yourself with the software.

The DataCamp tutorial on R is also a great resource that lets you code through your own browser. Click here! We use it for coding instruction in our lab.


Code School lets you try out some basic R right in your browser. Click here!

Finally, if you want to get started on your own installation of R, a more in depth video course on setting up RStudio can be found through Leada. Click here!

3. Download workshop slides and data

Updated workshop slides and code here


Core Regulatory Circuity (CRC)

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