Targeting transcription and chromatin deregulation in cancer.


MYC in cancer

Understanding how this devastating oncogenic transcription factor reshapes tumor gene expression programs

See Lin et al., Cell 2012Wolf et al., TICB 2014, and Zeid et al., Nat. Genetics 2018


Therapeutics of Gene control

We are excited to be part of the new Therapeutic Innovation Center at BCM to drive experimental therapeutics in diseases of altered gene regulation.

Computational Biology

Modeling of transcription factor networks and enhancer regulation in cancer and cardiovascular disease

See Lin et al., Nature 2016



Chemical Biology

Using selective inhibitors of transcription and chromatin to modulate cell state

See Loven et al., Cell 2013, Anand et al., Cell 2013Brown et al., Mol. Cell 2014, and Shu et al., Nature 2016

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